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Gordon Strong

Gordon Strong is an author whose dynamic and informed writing has inspired an international following. Merlin, Arthurian legends, The Holy Grail, Stone Circles, Tarot, Magic and the Qabalah - all these are explained and depicted with specialist knowledge and great style. Also a fiction writer, his fantasy novels create a hilarious world, one displaying his endless, cosmic imagination.

Gordon is a frequent visitor at N.R.B. in Portland, Oregon, East-West Bookshop in Seattle and, The Gallery Bookshop in Mendocino, California. An entertaining and humorous speaker, he combines academic knowledge with personal anecdotes from a unique literary career. He is currently published by Llewellyn International, Skylight Press, and Kerubim Press.


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Author & Speaker

Books on The Stone Circles of Stanton Drew, King Arthur, Merlin Master of Magick and The Holy Grail have given Gordon a world-wide reputation as a specialist in the metaphysical.

An entertaining and humorous speaker, Gordon combines his academic knowledge with personal anecdotes and experiences from an extraordinary literary career. 


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